Portraits In Pop

by The Identifiers

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For their debut showcase EP, Portraits in Pop, The Identifiers worked overtime to compress smiles, tears, danceability, catchiness and also a healthy sprinkling of humor into four songs (+ remixes!), their first foray in the pop medium. Each song is a portrait - of a mood, a person, a situation - and each of the four singers on the EP used their unique talents to enliven every vivid detail. What you hear is the product of a year’s worth of countless rewrites, troubleshoots, and late nights, but most importantly a lot of good times... We hope you enjoy!


released January 31, 2012

Written & Produced by The Identifiers (Ian Gallagher & Philip Weitzman)

"On The Move" & "Out There" Recorded by Nadim Issa @ Let 'Em In

"Trashed" & "Roller Coaster" Recorded by Nick Kim @ Kim Audio

Tracks 1-4 Mixed by Nick Kim, Mastered by Josh Bonati @ Bonati Mastering

Tracks 5-8 Mixed and Mastered by The Identifiers

Executive Producers: Philip Weitzman, Ian Gallagher, and Rachel Mary Cox for roc-elle records

The Identifiers would like to thank Yayoi Asoma, Cullen Gallagher, Melissa Stessgen, James Hanna, Nick Kim, Nadim Issa, Josh Bonati, Rachel Mary Cox & roc-elle records, Alexis Murphy, Jen Urban & The Box, Kjersti Kveli, Samira Ashley, Matt Dove, and Kalen Lister.



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The Identifiers Brooklyn, New York

The Identifiers are Brooklyn-based electropop producers who like to write and produce songs with the help of their talented singer friends. This is their debut EP.

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Track Name: Out There feat. Kjersti Kveli
I'm sending signals out, but nobody seems to hear the sound
There's no reply, no contact, just an echo spinnin round and round (round and round)

I wonder am I all alone in this empty, gigantic universe
If you're listening, set me free, send a sign, are you there at all, are you there at all, I wanna ask you

Can you help me, tell me, something to believe in,
Is there any way that I could see your face, that I could touch your hand?
Sometimes I think I'm lost within the darkness, and I wanna know

Is There Anybody Out There? Ohh...
Is There Anybody Out There?

In space nobody hears me as I'm clapping; does that mean I don't exist?
If you prick me, I still bleed, but there's no you, and I'm just me,
I'm just floating free


If you were here with me, I'd show you all the stars (all the stars)
And there's no place we couldn't travel, near or far (near or far)
So can you send me just a little sign of life
And tell me Is there anybody out there?


Is There Anybody Out There?